IAS AAM Operator

IAS AAM operator is the Information and Analytical Center of Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation.

IAS AAM operator performs the following functions:
  • CIS maintenance and development;
  • support of subjects’ IS integration with IAS AAM;
  • organization of data streams on AE operation processes;
  • update of information circulating in CIS;
  • development and agreement of IAS AAM subjects operation procedures;
  • provision for real-time interaction and data exchange between IAS AAM subjects;
  • development and agreement of requirements to hardware, software and IAS AAM operation support devices;
  • development, support and operation of IAS AAM software;
  • aircraft component authenticity assessment;
  • development of optimization methods for aircraft operation information support;
  • IAS AAM subjects’ personnel education and training;
  • provision and support of electronic foundations of Central Regulatory and Guidance Library (CRGL) of Civil Aviation.