IAS AAM Subjects

IAS AAM subjects are organizations performing activities for generation and use of IAS AAM information resources

The subjects are:

  • aviation authorities of aircraft equipment registry, development, manufacturing and operation states;
  • civil aviation authorized body of the Russian Federation and its territorial departments;
  • other authorized bodies of the Russian Federation (in the field of AE development and manufacturing, etc.);
  • engaged organizations (civil aviation subject certification centers, expert organizations, testing laboratories, scientific organizations, etc.);
  • AE maintenance organizations;
  • AE developers;
  • AE manufacturers;
  • aircraft operators;
  • aviation inventory (AI) and aircraft suppliers;
  • aviation leasing companies, etc.

To include IAS AAM subjects into common information space, the available subjects’ information systems (IS) shall meet criteria defined by IAS AAM operator in compliance with Requirements to information systems used in IAS AAM subjects

Information circulating in CIS is entered, updated and available to all IAS AAM subjects in compliance with IAS AAM subjects operating procedure.

In the absence of information systems in subjects, IAS AAM operator offers ready solutions installing IAS AAM user modules in subjects.