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With the purpose of implementation of Government program of civil aviation aircraft flight safety approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 641-r dd. 06.05.2008, and ICAO recommendations (DOC 9760 etc.), by the Order of Federal Agency for Air Transport No. GK-3-r dd. 15.01.2009 a central regulatory and guidance library of civil aviation (CRGL CA) was established in FSUE State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation.

Digital data base of CRGL CA was created and registered in Federal Agency for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Certificate No. 2011620368 dd. 16.05.2011) to ensure information and librarian service.

Data base (the same as library funds) contains actual organization and administrative documents of civil aviation, operation and technical documents for aircrafts and their components, and other industrial standards and regulations as well as documents of foreign companies regulating activities of aviation enterprises and companies in the field of civil aviation.

In compliance with recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Order of the Federal Agency for Air Transport No. GK-154-r dd. 17.08.2009, the source of CRGL CA library fund creation is presented by Departments of Rosaviation. Therefore, CRGL CA is one of the official sources of information in the field of civil aviation in the Russian Federation.

Library funds contain documents for more than 30 fields of activities in civil aviation, as well as information on more than 150 types and modifications of domestic and foreign aircrafts (more than 30 thousand digital publications of up-to-date industrial documents, one can find the list thereof on Web-site - http://mlgvs.ru/bib.html).

One of the top-priority activities of CRGL CA (Order of Rosaviation No. GK-68-r dd. 20.04.2009) is to submit and support reference Flight Crew Operation Manuals with the purpose of independent verifications at aviation enterprises and other companies concerned.

CRGL CA offers its services to specialists of more than 200 various organizations and enterprises in Russia and near and far-abroad countries (more than 1800 connection points).

Ergonomic document search interface is developed with account of maximum facilitation of documents search in the funds of the library and their usability.

Ergonomic components and intuitive search applied in the interface as well as a hint system in the form of pop-up windows make it possible to find the documents of concern on-line as soon as possible 24/7/365, and conveniently and efficiently use information resources offered.

Throughout its existence the library has recommended itself as a useful and efficient information resource. Use of up-to-date operation and technical documents for aircrafts and official documents is one of mandatory conditions defining quality of works related to airworthiness maintenance and flight safety provision.

Should you have any questions concerning arrangement of access to digital data base and its use, please address to FSUE State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation (125438, Moscow, Mikhalkovskaya str., 67, bld. 1), tel./fax +7 (495) 646-29-46 (ext. 3915), е-mail: lib-gov@gosniiga.ru. Should you have any questions concerning prices, contracts and other economic questions call +7 (495) 232-96-11, e-mail: sterlikova@ncplg.ru

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