Certification of Aviation Inventory Suppliers

The following documents are used in VCS CAF as regulatory base for certification of aviation inventory suppliers:

  • Requirements to organizations supplying aviation inventory.
  • Regulation on procedure of voluntary certification of organizations supplying aviation inventory.
  • List of aviation inventory codes being part of aviation inventory suppliers activities.

Aviation inventory claimed by supplier for certification is selected in compliance with Uniform Codifier of Issue Article code list.

To receive the documents, draw up an application for certification in VCS CAF.

Since November, 2006 it was resolved to improve Voluntary certification system of aviation inventory suppliers. Certification system activity results have shown that regulation of aviation inventory suppliers activities as part of Voluntary certification system might indeed be constructive.

But in compliance with ICAO recommendations, such a key aspect of aircraft airworthiness maintenance as state monitoring and control of aviation inventory supply is the prerogative right of aircraft registry states.

Taking into account system operation results and adverse situation in civil aviation of Russia related to more frequent detection of aircraft components being in operation with false log books and maintenance records, Russian aviation authorities requested FSUE GosNII GA as a parent institute of civil aviation in Russia to provide for development and implementation of an efficient aviation inventory supply monitoring and control system with the use of Information and analytical system of aircraft airworthiness monitoring (IAS AAM) developed in FSUE GosNII GA.

On December 25, 2006 FSUE GosNII GA developed and implemented Voluntary certification system of the Civil aviation facilities (VCS CAF). VCS CAF performance is aimed at evaluation of compliance of facilities to be certified and effecting aircraft airworthiness maintenance; inventory suppliers are one of the facilities.

With the purpose of creating an industrial civil aviation data base about aircraft component authenticity, Instruction of Rostransnadzor No. 10-152GA dd. 12.12.06 directs aviation enterprises to agree authenticity assessment certificates of aircraft components in use with FSUE GosNII GA. One of the sections of aircraft component authenticity assessment certificate is evaluation of supply sources in terms of fulfillment of requirements of Authenticity Assessment Procedure No. 24.10-966GA.

Within the framework of its activities in extension of aircraft life limits and service life, FSUE GosNII GA carries out a package of works on life cycle monitoring and detection of inauthentic aircraft components supplied to aviation enterprises and control of supply sources, including in cooperation with law enforcement authorities, revealed during inspection of in-authentic aircraft components.

When performing aircraft component assessment in aviation enterprises, FSUE GosNII GA evaluates aircraft component supply sources with a key criterion being evaluation of aviation inventory supplier capability to assess aircraft component authenticity. Ascertainment of the works is a certificate of Voluntary certification system of the civil aviation facilities.

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