Aircraft Maintenance Adaptive Regulation (Program)

Aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation (program) is an electronic OD adjusted (adapted) to certain operator conditions and to individual aircraft features of the operator.

The designed aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation (program) used in “Operator” UM comprises all the documents related to operation of an aircraft of a certain operator.

The purpose of aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation is to create a package of works to be performed at an aircraft and a set of requirements to work performance with the fullest account of actual aircraft operation conditions, time characteristics, and individual features of certain aircrafts.

For this purpose, one uses OD submitted by AE developer as well as production and engineering documents and organizational and administrative documents (OAD) developed by an operator to maintain airworthiness of the operated aircrafts. In the format and to the extent specified, these documents shall be recorded into a data base (DB) of IAS AAM user module installed at an operator; it is an input of adaptive regulation control.

An output of aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation control is a production task for aircraft maintenance generated on the basis of selective job instruction card. In combination with aircraft operation plan, aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation ensures development of a selective production program for an operator.

Selective instruction cards and selective operation program are types of industrial and technical documents generated as a result of interaction between electronic log books and maintenance records, adaptive regulation and regulatory, and reference information of a certain aircraft specimen.

During operation of IAS AAM user module, aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation is continuously adjusted to input data. For this purpose, feedback principle shall be used.

The feedback principle ensures the following sequence of procedures:

  • continuous monitoring of information on aircraft state;
  • processing of the data obtained in compliance with the established processing algorithms;
  • generation of a control action, if required.

For example, in case of changed operation conditions and aircraft performance a control action can be entry of appropriate characteristic changes for a package of works.

Thereby, during next generation of a production task for aircraft maintenance in a selective job instruction card, the “Operator” UM displays results of aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation adjustment with all changes made. Thereby, aircraft stable conformity to airworthiness regulation is ensured in time.

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