Advantages for an Operator and Maintenance Organizations

Use of IAS AAM “Operator” user module in production provides an aviation enterprise with the following possibilities and advantages:

  • automation of procedures for aircraft component authenticity assessment, aircraft specimen certification, service life extension;
  • generation of daily production tasks including selective job instruction cards by way of automatic interaction between electronic log books and maintenance records, operation electronic documents (maintenance regulations, airworthiness directives), and electronic inventory control;
  • automated generation of all-kind production and statistical reports including safety parameter calculation, technical and economic parameter calculation, etc.;
  • on-line display of “critical” information on Office terminal for aircraft airworthiness maintenance specifying the following:
    • reasons of aircraft downtime, non-conformity of current state with aircraft operation plans, risk of maintenance irregularity and maintenance irregularity, critical residual life, etc.;
    • risk of failure and failure to meet contract and requisition dates for aviation inventory (AI) supply, for maintenance, repair, etc.;
    • critical AI stock balance at warehouses and ready issue stores, risk of failure and failure to meet AI storage deadline;
    • risk of failure and failure to meet claim settlement deadline.

These are results of IAS AAM “Operator” user module application in aviation enterprise departments:

  • flight safety improvement;
  • decrease of expenses for purchase and update of information systems acquired at non-profile organizations;
  • availability of up-to-date operation documents and decrease of operational costs to keep documents in good order;
  • enhancement of certainty in right and complete performance of aircraft M&R and other works;
  • improvement of quality of the decisions made in the field of professional activities;
  • decrease of expenses for aircraft operation by way of prevention of unreasonable losses of material and other resources.
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