Certification of Authorized M&R Centers

Authorized M&R centers (AC M&R) for aircraft equipment are established in order to increase flight safety (FS) and civil aircraft M&R quality by ensuring the following:
  • comprehensive approach to solving airworthiness maintenance tasks, implementation of advanced M&R methods and devices, reduction of cost of production and work execution period with simultaneous quality increase;
  • production activities based on aircrafts and their components maintenance and repair integration including post-sale AE operation support;
  • state monitoring by an authorized body in the field of civil aviation;
  • author’s supervision by AE developer;
  • scientific and methodological support of AE operation by FSUE GosNII GA.

To receive packages of regulatory documents required for certification of authorized maintenance and repair centers in System of voluntary certification of civil aviation facilities, send us a filled in application.

M&R AC Peculiarities

  1. An authorized M&R center is AE M&R organization authorized (approved) by FSUE GosNII GA for compliance with national requirements of registry state or EASA or FAA to M&R organizations as well as capable of performing additional functions inherent to aircraft M&R AC.
  2. Additional functions of M&R AC are the activities not on the list of certified activities of AE M&R organizations in compliance with national requirements of the registry state but also indicated in Certificate of Conformity; and they determine main difference of M&R AC from other certified AE M&R organizations.
    These functions include:
    • Additional functions for customer support: technical state monitoring of aircrafts undergoing maintenance or repair in compliance with contracts awarded; assignment or change of customer’s aircraft technical maintenance system together with a Developer; process support of certain aircrafts and their components for customers in compliance with contracts signed; information support of certain aircraft operation with update digital documents; performing functions of AI certified supplier for own production needs.
    • Additional functions on aircraft specimen airworthiness evaluation: Technical and information support of customers’ aircraft specimen airworthiness monitoring; distribution of quality system to customers and subcontractors; M&R AC personnel participation in supplier’s aircraft specimen airworthiness assessment.
    • Additional functions for aircraft post-sale support: performance of aircraft post-sale support specified in Agreement between Developer and Manufacturer; performance of separate works related to AE post-sale support not provided for in Agreement on Manufacturers; performance of works related to AE guarantee maintenance and customer support by order of Manufacturer.
  3. Presence of permanent agreement with AE Developer or Manufacturer and FSUE GosNII GA for design-engineering support of M&R to ensure technical, legislation, and on-line M&R problem solution.
  4. Appraisal of new regulatory and technical documents in AE M&R of an authorized body in the field of civil aviation.
  5. Provision for regular reports on M&R AC activities to authorized bodies in the field of civil aviation and aviation industry, AE developer and manufacturer.