Regulatory Base

US Aviation Administration was the first to start systematic solution of aircraft component quality problems and brought into effect a number of regulatory documents regulating production, repair and supply of aircraft components.

An international meeting of a group of experts concerning aircraft airworthiness took place in Montreal (Canada) in January, 2000. Here for the first time in civil aviation one introduced a concept of "authenticity".

As early as 2001 ICAO published first edition of "Airworthiness Manual"
( DOC9760 ). Its Chapter 9 is entirely dedicated to authenticity issues (Authenticity and serviceability of aircraft components).

Late in 2001, Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation developed Aircraft component authenticity assessment procedure (first revision) approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The second revision was brought into effect by Direction No. 24.10-35GA dd.19.03.2004 of State Civil Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and approved on 23.11.2005 in Aircraft Industry Department of Federal Industry Agency.

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