As part of aircraft flight operation safety, main purpose of works aimed to assess authenticity of their components is to maintain aircraft airworthiness to the extent acceptable by the aircraft registry state in compliance with applicable regulatory documents.

Main tasks of aircraft component authenticity assessment are to prove their life cycle including verification of conformity of each inspected aircraft component to specified requirements of applicable regulatory and technical documents, and to prove supply thereof from an approved aviation inventory supplier.

These tasks are solved through creation of a common information space in Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation to support AE operation based on Information and analytical system for aircraft airworthiness monitoring (IAS AAM) whose integral part is aircraft component authenticity assessment system.

Aircraft component authenticity assessment is acute both for domestic operators and for foreign ones. It is commonly known that a significant number of aircrafts, especially MI-8 type, are operated in foreign registers (number of countries in Latin America, Central Asia, Europe and others) where the problems of aircraft component authenticity are more acute than in Russia.

Comparative analysis of the detected unapproved components at MI-8-type aircrafts operated in the Russian Federation and abroad

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