Automated Generation of Evidential Documents

Evidential documents are the documents which prove performance of requirements specified, contain results of inspection, test, survey, and assessment of residual life and service life of AE article.

An operator ensures evidential nature of his/her production and technical and other documents by recording (making an entry) the act of the works performed for an aircraft in compliance with the production task generated on the basis of aircraft maintenance adaptive regulation (program). All entries shall be witnessed with signatures of authorized officials in places prescribed by document forms.

Entries on the works performed at an aircraft shall be recorded into DB and kept to use during generation of report and other evidential and/or required documents related to aircraft M&R.

IAS AAM user module software makes it possible to prepare output documents (reports) and to generate graphic documents – tables, diagrams, charts, etc. There is a possibility to update existing reports and to create new reports as well as to export results of data processing in generic forms.