Examples of Incidents

Incidents caused by inauthentic aircraft components

No. Airplane Incident Description
1 Il-76TD
On 06.07.01, whilst landing in Tolmachevo airport (Novosibirsk), KT-158.010 wheel No. 982136 was damaged leading to significant damage of the aircraft shock strut structure, hydraulic system pipelines, and movable connection in main braking line. Investigation showed that: KT-158.010 wheel No. 982136 had not been produced at the manufacturer, signatures and stamps in the passport were false.
2 Il-76TD
On 14.07.2001, Chkalovskiy airport, plane crash of Il-76TD RA-76588 of Rus aviation company. The crash investigation showed false log books for the aircraft, auxiliary power unit as well as duplicates for D-30KP engines previously withdrawn from service by the Ministry of Defense;
3 Mi-8MTV-1
On 02.11.2007, in the Republic of Liberia, crash of Mi-8MTV-1 RA-27114 of JSC UTair due to destruction of an anti-torque propeller during flight. The crash investigation showed that the aircraft was equipped with an anti-torque propeller with implicit life cycle (serial numbers at anti-torque propellers had been restamped, authenticity of the passport was doubtful);
4 Tu-134A
On 08.05.2003, during a flight from Vnukovo to Rostov-on-Don during landing approach ‘Primary hydraulic system failure’ annunciator lit up. Landing gear and configuration extended in emergency, the investigation showed that: the reason for hydraulic system damage was destruction of pump NP-89M No. N212В39. In the course of identification of the reason for wheel damage it was established that the NP-89M No. 212V39 had false log books and maintenance records, besides it was revealed that a unit with similar number but with authentic log books and maintenance records was operated by another aviation company.
5 Tu-154B-2
On 02.08.02 during a flight Domodedovo – Larnaca pressure dropped down in the first hydraulic system followed by pressure decrease in the second hydraulic system. The crew returned and landed in Domodedovo. The investigation showed: – damage of pump NP-89D No. N805К81 with false log books and maintenance records.
6 Il-86
On 05.12.2002 depressurization of hydraulic system No. 4 took place in flight. Investigation showed that: depressurization was caused by break off of screws fixing MR-30TN mechanism which had a false passport and had not been produced by the manufacturer.
7 Il-96
On 02.08.2005, Turku airport (Finland), presidential airplane. Braking system failed due to breakdown of UG151-7 brake control mechanism. Investigation showed inauthentic passport that is non-conformance of component numbers specified in the passport to numbers specified in a technological file for production of the unit.
8 Tu-134A
On 14.07.2009, whilst landing of Tu-134A RA-65691 airplane of JSC AC Tatarstan, after a landing gear handle was set into ‘extension’ position red indicators of intermediate position lit up, while green indicators of extraction did not light up. As per report of a flight engineer, pressure dropped down in the main hydraulic system. The crew performed emergency landing gear extension. Landing was successful. Investigation results showed destruction of NP89-M No. N110А151 pump components which had authentic passport while the pump itself was a fake imitating NP89-M No. N110А151 article and had been assembled out of unknown details with appropriate information plate. This is the third incident with NP89 pumps.